Private Tutoring

Private session


Need a little help or a refresher with a concept? Have an upcoming test and need some help? A single session may be best for you.

Bulk rate


The more you buy, the more you save! Save big when you purchase 8 or more sessions. It’s basically a free tutoring session for every 8 you purchase.

Group rate (per person)



Share your session with a friend, sibling, or classmate and you each save money.

FLEX Tutoring




No need to schedule ahead - just show up at any time and stay for an hour. This is perfect for those families who need flexibility! Our FLEX Tutor helps you with your math work in a small group setting. With this option, each session can be as little as $8.75/hour!

Single session



We are all about flexibility. No need to pay a monthly fee if you only need a few help sessions. You can purchase a single session or several sessions in advance and use them when needed.

Archery Lesson

Private Lesson



Want to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow? Need help getting ready for archery team tryouts or a competition? This is a perfect opportunity to learn one of the fastest growing activities in schools.

Bulk Rate



Receive a discount when you purchase 8 or more sessions. It’s basically a free archery lesson for every 8 you purchase.


Refer a friend



Receive a $5 credit on your account for every person you refer. Just think about how many free tutoring sessions you can rack up!

SAT Prep

First session



SAT/ACT Prep will include the following:

$65 for a practice SAT/ACT test with baseline scores, 1 hour of private tutoring on verbal or math, and 1 test prep booklet with 5 tests and over 1,500 practice problems for the student to keep and bring with them for tutoring.

Private session



Each session after the baseline test and 1 hour one on one will be a private one on one session geared to improve the needs of the student. The goal would be to improve both the Math and Verbal scores.

Bulk rate